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Rocket Locksmith has been helping out the locks and keys of Houston for years now. We are known for providing lockout services, lock installations, key duplications, and much more in Houston, TX.

While we might most often be helping people out of emergency lockout situations, there are many benefits of hiring professional locksmith services on other occasions as well.  Homeowners, businessowners, and carowners all have something worth protecting: our loved ones, our life’s work, or our property. A professional will ensure your security keeps them safe.  So, lock installations, repairs, rekeyings are all left best in their hands.

A not as often thought of benefit is the fact that hiring a professional locksmith can be far cheaper than many alternatives. For example, when it comes to key duplication, they can far undercut your car dealership or landlord on the price to make another copy. These others might try to convince you that they are the only ones that can make a copy, but that is only to drive up the price. We can do it either from a copy of the key or using the lock.


Our Mission

We are Houston locksmith experts. Licensed and insured, our technicians operate as fast and mobile locksmiths in order to cover all of the Greater Houston area and all surrounding metro areas. The goal is to make sure you are never stranded outside a locked door without any help. We make sure that we are always at the ready to pick up, go, and be at your door, locked or unlocked, within minutes.

With a professioanl like the ones you find at Rocket Locksmith, you get several must haves. First off, we are bringing you quick responses and fast assitance. This is absolutely necessary during an emergency lockout but also good to get a security upgrade secured as soon as possible.

On top of that, our 24/7 service means you will never be left out in the cold. We are always available for when you need us.We have made our list of services comprehensive. Everything you need related to your locks and keys is there, and your locksmith is trained to do it all.

Rocket Locksmith vets our locksmiths to make sure they are experienced and skilled. They have licensing and go through training with us upon hiring. We make sure they have the tools, knowledge, abilities, and skills to get any job you have done.


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what our customers say

nurse practitioner

Ran Fletcher

“These guys are super fast and efficient! They came to my residence and got a new car key made up for me in less than 10 minutes. Awesome I would definitely recommend Rocket Locksmith!!!”

uber driver

Glenda Hughes

“I got a new truck key programmed from one of their locksmiths. It works as good if not better than the original.”


David Wallace

“Their technicians are really friendly and polite. They know how to speak to customers. They are hands down the best locksmith in Houston.”

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