In the 21st century, your security options are not limited to traditional door locks. Now, there are countless options available to keep your home or workplace safe. However, knowing that there are so many choices can be overwhelming, so you want to give your full attention to learning all about the complete capabilities of what’s in store. Magnetic locks, also known as maglocks, are one of the most notable advances in lock and security technology. But how do magnetic door locks work? Luckily, you can find out by reading this blog. 

How Do Magnetic Door Locks Work?

When looking through the plethora of options to keep your property secure, you might come across magnetic door locks. To fully grasp how they can help, you need to consider, “How do magnetic door locks work?” By reading this blog, you will not only learn how they work but also the perks they can bring to your home or business’s safety and security. 

Magnetic vs. Electric Strike Locks

Before learning the answer to “How do magnetic door locks work?” it’s essential to understand how they’re different from electric strike locks, as they are sometimes confused with each other. The main aspect they have in common is that they both rely on power and an electric signal to function. Both are also unlocked with external triggers, such as fobs, cards, PINs, and other means of keyless access. However, electric strike locks also use a traditional bolt or latch. Magnetic door locks, on the other hand, use an electromagnet that creates a magnetic field to secure the armature lock and don’t use a bolt. 

how do magnetic door locks work

Where Are Magnetic Door Locks Found? 

Now that you have a fundamental understanding of the answer to the question, “How do magnetic door locks work?” the next step is to learn where these locks are often used. As explained earlier, magnetic door locks use external triggers to function. This means they can be used for many kinds of keyless entry systems, like biometric locks. 

They are also found in smart lock systems that utilize an app. As a result, you will definitely find magnetic door locks in commercial settings. They can also be found in residential complexes, such as apartments. As long as there’s a consistent power supply, you can rely on these locks to do their job 24/7. 

Advantages Of Magnetic Door Locks 

Finally, it’s worth taking a closer look at the advantages of installing magnetic door locks, especially if you’re looking to upgrade the security of your workplace or apartment complex. The first and most vital advantage of this type of lock is that it is more fail-safe than its electric strike counterpart. In other words, if the power goes out, the door won’t stay locked, and you’ll be able to leave the building safely during an emergency. These locks are considered easy to install, are compatible with many kinds of doors, and are highly durable. Maintenance requirements are also low, so keeping these locks in good shape will easily ensure that they perform reliably for years to come. 

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